Join The Team

Join LCDRT for our MONTHLY team meeting
We hold a team meeting every month. Check the calendar for dates. The team meetings will be at 6:00pm at the Larimer County Emergency Services office located at 1303 N. Shields St. Fort Collins, CO 80524.   Please check our events page for more information on the meetings.

Membership Application


What is the time commitment for a LCDRT member?
We have scheduled meetings and two training days that take place each month. Check the calendar for dates. We require members to attend 70% of meetings and training’s each quarter of the year along with 50% of responding to calls each quarter.

Do I need to be a diver to join the dive team?
All individuals that are interested in becoming a team member are welcome to do so. Being a diver is not a requirement for becoming a team member. Individuals that are interested in joining the team but do not have interest in becoming a diver are also encouraged to apply. There is plenty of help needed in shore support and swiftwater rescue. Divers are also welcom to apply, but being a recreational diver is not enough to become a Public Safety Diver.

If I do want to be a diver, what should I do?
If you are interested in joining the team to be a diver there are some things to consider:

  • Being a diver on the team is not automatic, even with previous certifications such as PADI or SSI recreational dive certifications. Because of the nature of what we do, we require all of our divers to be certified under DRI’s (Dive Rescue International) PSD (Public Safety Diver) certification. There is however a crossover path that you can pursue if you are already a certified recreational diver.
  • In addition to PSD, you will need to have DR1 (Dive Rescue 1) and Dry-suit certifications before becoming an operational diver on the team. Due to the fact that we have specific certifications for becoming an operational diver on the team, we don’t require any type of outside certifications, as you will need to the certifications mentioned above.
  • The first thing that would need to be done to get those certifications is to take our watermanship test, which is based off the IADRS watermanship test. That test is needed to allow you to get into the water for any type of training.

Do I need to be on top physical shape to be able to join the team?
No, but there are minimal requirements to be able to get in the water while participating in water rescue / recovery missions and training’s.

Are there any risks involving water rescue missions?
Risks are always present in rescue / recovery activities, however, the safety of the team members is priority and it is taken very seriously. There is always a thorough risk / benefit assessment of any situation, being training or missions. Larimer County Dive Rescue Team members are never pressured to do anything that they feel uncomfortable, and no other team member will ever judge their peers motives to say no.

What are the steps to become an active team member?
After submission of the application to the Membership Coordinator, he or she will have your background verified through the Sheriff’s Department. You will need to attend 3 team meetings and 3 team trainings or events. Next will be an interview by members of the team and a recommendation will be made by the team board. Then the members of the team will vote on whether or not to accept you into the team.